+ MPLS3.2


Designed for use in portable & fixed installations.The MPLS 3.2 has an operating frequency range 65Hz-18kHz.The loudspeaker is to be used, either stand alone (full range) or with a range of Logic Systems Bass Enclosures using the matching limiter/crossover unit.The format is a vertical line arrangement with integral twin HF unit using ferrite components.The loudspeaker uses 3x5" mid frequency drivers & 2x1" compression drivers.

All of the Logic Systems line source loudspeakers are primarily intended for 'flat floor' applications where large areas can be covered evenly with minimum excitation of floor and ceiling reflections. The cylindrical audio wave-front produced by these loudspeakers means that the sound level only decreases by 3dB each time the distance from the loudspeaker is doubled giving good coverage distances before the cylindrical properties are lost. For example the MPLS 3.2 has a range of 15 metres, the MPLS 6.4 is 30 metres and the MPLS 9.6 is 60 metres.


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