The Logic Systems MPPLS 4 is a medium power 'progressive' line source loudspeaker designed for live pa and music playback. The loudspeaker utilises two 1" HF compression drivers and four 5" mid/bass drivers. The drivers are arranged in a symmetrical vertical array and are designed for short/medium throw applications. The frequency range is 70Hz - 18kHz and the unit is designed for 'stand alone' usage for voice and background music applications and with additional low frequency loudspeakers for higher power FOH applications. The unit is compact in size and will be suitable for many installation and 'live' applications.

The vertical arrangement uses the inner pair of 5" drivers in the frequency range 70Hz - 2kHz and the outer pair of 5" drivers to provide additional reinforcement from 70Hz - 500Hz. The loudspeaker has a horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees and a vertical dispersion of 25 degrees and is designed to cover a distance of 10-15 metres from the source location.


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