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Dependant on room size and planned activity, smaller systems using the MPLS loudspeakers should be considered. For voice and lower level music applications, the MPLS loudspeakers can be used (full range) without additional bass loudspeakers but if more serious bass is required, they can be used with the Logic Systems limiter/crossover unit and the required number of bass loudspeakers (typically single or multiple V212PP Bass enclosures).

All of the Logic Systems line source loudspeakers are primarily intended for 'flat floor' applications where large areas can be covered evenly with minimum excitation of floor and ceiling reflections. The cylindrical audio wave-front produced by these loudspeakers means that the sound level only decreases by 3dB each time the distance from the loudspeaker is doubled giving good coverage distances before the cylindrical properties are lost. For example the HPLS 4 has a range of 20 metres, the HPLS 6 is 40 metres and the HPLS 8 is 80 metres.


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